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Conquer the indoor climbing walls with GripMonkeys Indoor Climbing Axe!

Designed to dominate artificial structures and indoor climbing walls, our specialized tool is your key to unlocking new heights of performance. Crafted with precision and engineered for ultimate grip, the GripMonkeys Indoor Climbing Axe delivers unrivaled control and confidence on every move. With its lightweight yet durable construction, ergonomic design, and specialized picks, you’ll experience unmatched maneuverability and precision. Take your indoor climbing game to the next level with GripMonkeys. Reach for new horizons, defy gravity, and leave your mark on the walls. Get your hands on the GripMonkeys Indoor Climbing Axe and become the ultimate indoor climbing champion!


Highlights: GripMonkeys Indoor Climbing Axe features an aggressive pick, an ergonomic handle, and a comfortable additional hand grip. The axe is designed to mimic the size of a real ice axe but is much lighter while still being strong and durable.

The rubber we use for this exceptional tool has been specially developed to meet our requirements for friction and durability.

Rubber replacement: To replace the rubber, you will need a knife, sandpaper, gloves, glue, and rubber (available on our website). Carefully remove the worn rubber using a sharp knife, taking caution not to injure yourself or damage the wooden surface. Use the knife and sandpaper to carefully remove any remaining remnants of the worn rubber. Ensure that both surfaces (wood and rubber) are clean. Apply glue to both surfaces, following the recommendations provided by the glue manufacturer for best results.

Storage and transportation: These plywood tools should be stored in a dry, dark place.

Cleaning: To clean off magnesium from the rubber, use a cloth and alcohol. The entire tool can be cleaned with a dry cloth.

Important things to know when using GripMonkeys Indoor Climbing Axes: When using wooden axes for dry tooling indoors, treat them with the same delicacy as you would when climbing on thin and delicate ice. Avoid forcing the ice axe; instead, place them gently on the holds.

Gripmonkeys Indoor climbing axe forbidden position

Never use the stein pull technique! Stein pulls are tool placements where the pick and the head of the axe are set in opposition and are practical and efficient when dry tooling with normal (metal) axes. However, due to the nature of wooden materials, these tools should not be used with backward or sideways wedging in the holds, as they may break. They should only be placed on the holds without being stuck.

Warning: Wooden tools are intended for indoor use only! Ensure that both the climber and belayer wear a helmet when using the tools in the gym.

Unlike multi-pitch dry tooling or ice climbing where attaching your ice axes to your harness may be recommended and preferred to prevent loss, it is important not to attach the Indoor Climbing Axes to yourself, your rope, or your harness. If the tools are attached and you fall, they can fly towards you with great force and cause serious injury.

Weight: Each of the axes weiths 360g. Together they weight 720g

Diminsions: A single GripMonkeys indoor Climbing Axe can fit a box with dimensions of 48 x 19.5cm

Legal Disclaimer

Technical rock climbing is inherently dangerous. Our products are for rock climbing, bouldering and mountaineering only. Any person using our gear in any manner is personally responsible for learning the proper techniques and good judgment. We strongly recommend that every climber seek instruction by a qualified professional. You are responsible for knowing and respecting our products capabilities and limitations. Always know the maintenance and use history of your equipment and destroy retired gear to prevent future use. The use of secondhand equipment is strongly discouraged. You are responsible for your own actions and decisions. Failure to follow these warnings can result in severe injury or death. Make sure you have read all information that accompanied the GripMonkeys product when purchased and you have reviewed the GripMonkeys website before use. Make sure you understand how the GripMonkeys product is to be used and any limitations on its use.

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