Gripmonkeys Climbing Holds Segments Jug Shape One Pair



Product description

FROM THE BEGINNING, WE WERE DETERMINED TO BUILD A FINGERBOARD AS BEAUTIFUL AND APPEALING AS IT IS FUNCTIONAL. The result is the GripMonkeys fingerboard. It features subtle curves, clean lines and simple design. Made of hard beech wood it is sporting smooth holds and grippy sloppers. The ultimate tool to get your grades up.

Legal Disclaimer

Technical rock climbing is inherently dangerous. Our products are for rock climbing, bouldering and mountaineering only. Any person using our gear in any manner is personally responsible for learning the proper techniques and good judgment. We strongly recommend that every climber seek instruction by a qualified professional. You are responsible for knowing and respecting our products capabilities and limitations. Always know the maintenance and use history of your equipment and destroy retired gear to prevent future use. The use of secondhand equipment is strongly discouraged. You are responsible for your own actions and decisions. Failure to follow these warnings can result in severe injury or death. Make sure you have read all information that accompanied the GripMonkeys product when purchased and you have reviewed the GripMonkeys website before use. Make sure you understand how the GripMonkeys product is to be used and any limitations on its use.

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3 reviews for Gripmonkeys Climbing Holds Segments Jug Shape One Pair

  1. joan (store manager)

    This is the perfect portable climbing hangoboard. Bought the entire hangboard and also the portable ones.

  2. cloudylab (store manager)

    I really love this climbing hangboard

  3. Anastasija (verified owner)

    It’s Perfect!

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